Welcome to Brian McCauley’s Biology 6A at De Anza College. This site contains some information you’ll need for both the lecture and lab portions of the class.

Parts of this site

Bio 6A Home

  • Calendar: Use the calendar page to tell you what's happening for each day of class, for both lecture and lab. The calendar contains links to the appropriate lab pages and to downloads for the lecture portion of the course. You should look at the calendar for every day of class.
  • Syllabus: This will give you all the details about course structure and grading.


See the Bio 6A lecture page for information on lecture resources. This site will contain some important supplemental material for lecture:

  • Lecture notes. You can download lecture note files from the calendar page.
  • Midterm & lecture final study guides. I will post a study guide before each exam. Download it from the calendar page.
  • Supplemental information for lecture. I won't prepare a detailed page for each lecture topic, but in some cases I may post extra materials, including explanations of some topics not fully covered in Campbell and references for research topics that I mention in lecture. Click on the Lecture tab of the main menu to find lecture-related materials.


Most of this website is dedicated to the lab. For a description of how to use the lab parts of the website go to Bio 6A Lab.

Other resources

How to find a research position: An article by a former De Anza bio student who has made a successful start in the world of research.


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