Welcome to Biology 6B, Winter 2020

Spring 2020: Bio 6B (like all De Anza courses) will be taught online only. I will develop a Canvas site for Bio 6B, but I will still use some content on this site (brianmccauley.net). The Canvas site will be published sometime before the quarter begins; until then, I can't answer questions about the course schedule or structure.

This is the site for Brian McCauley’s Biology 6B at De Anza College. This site contains some information you’ll need for both the lecture and lab portions of the class.

Parts of this site (Winter 2020)

Bio 6B Home

  • Calendar: Use the calendar page to tell you what's happening for each day of class, for both lecture and lab. The calendar contains links to the appropriate lab pages and to downloads for the lecture portion of the course.
  • Syllabus: This will give you all the details about course structure and grading.


This site will provide some essential downloads for lecture:

  • Lecture notes. I will post pdf versions of my lecture PowerPoints on the calendar page. The note file will generally be available before I begin the lecture, but I may be editing it until shortly before I start, so I won't be able to post these files far in advance. These files don't contain all the information covered in lecture; they only present outlines of the topics. To learn the full detail needed for exams, you'll need to hear the lectures and do the appropriate reading in Campbell.
  • Midterm & lecture final study guides. I will post a study guide before each exam. You can find them in the main menu or on the calendar page.


This website will serve as your lab manual for Bio 6B; there is no printed lab manual. For each day’s lab, you will need to read one or more pagess on this site. To keep up, you need to start by looking at these two pages:

  • Calendar: Use this page for an overview of the quarter’s schedule.
  • Lab Guide: Use this page to tell you what to read for each lab. You’ll find links to the critical pages and some tips about how to organize your lab day.

You should read the lab pages before you go to lab. In lab, won’t always tell you exactly how to do each step because I expect you to read the instructions. If you show up to lab without doing the reading first, you’re likely to be slow, have difficulty completing the lab, and make mistakes. Also, the labs are much more fun if you have some idea what you’re doing. There will be quizzes in lab, and I may ask you questions based on the pre-lab reading.

You'll need to be able to read the website during lab. You can use your phone, tablet, or laptop, or you can print out the pages that contain step-by-step instructions. Since this website will be changing throughout the quarter, you'll need to be alert for any last-minute changes to the procedures. In some cases I change the instructions for one lab based on the results from the previous lab.

You can download your gel photos from the Bio 6B flickr site.

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