Bio 6B Calendar (old)

This is the calendar for McCauley's Winter 2020 Bio 6B, taught in person on campus. It's no longer valid. Don't use this calendar if you're a current 6B student.

The schedule for Bio 6B online will be very different. I'm leaving this old schedule online for now only as a reference. This old calendar also includes some dates when classes were canceled due to the pandemic.

This calendar gives only a general summary of the lab schedule; read the lab guide before each day's lab to prepare you for lab.

Reading: I've added some readings from Campbell. Refer to my lecture downloads to see which sections you should study in detail.


Week Day Date Lecture Lab
1 Mo Jan 6 Intro; Chemistry review. Reading in Campbell: Skim chapters 1-4; read ch 5, Biological Molecules, in detail.  
We Jan 7   Start cultures: S17/pARO & HB101.
Tu Jan 8 Water; Organic chem & macromol.  
Th Jan 9   Conjugation and pGLO transformation.
2 Mo Jan 13 Tour of the cell; Membranes. Reading: Ch. 6: Tour of the Cell; Ch. 7: Membranes.  
Tu Jan 14   Plate results: conjugation and pGLO. Restreak. Total nucleic acid preparation.
We Jan 15 Energy & metabolism. Ch. 8: Metabolism.  
Th Jan 16   Conjugation: total nucleic acid gel. Start cultures for plasmid prep.
3 Mo Jan 20 Holiday  
Tu Jan 21   Plasmid purification: both pGLO and pARO.
We Jan 22 Midterm 1  
Th Jan 23   pGLO/Conj DNA assay. Virtual digest.
4 Mo Jan 27 Cellular respiration. Ch. 9  
Tu Jan 28   pGLO/Conj Plasmid restriction digest.
We Jan 29 Cellular respiration  
Th Jan 30   pGLO 7: Plasmid DNA gel. Start protein cultures.
5 Mo Feb 3 Photosynthesis Ch. 10  
Tu Feb 4   HIC
We Feb 5 Molecular Genetics.  
Th Feb 6   Protein assay
6 Mo Feb 10 Midterm 2  
Tu Feb 11   Protein Gel
We Feb 12 Molecular Genetics. Ch. 16: Molecular Basis of Inheritance; ch. 17: From Gene to Protein.  


Feb 13   Finish protein gel. PV92: DNA prep & PCR
7 Mo Feb 17 Holiday  
Tu Feb 18   PV92: gel
 We Feb 19 Molecular Genetics. Ch. 18: Regulation of Gene Expression.  
 Th Feb 20   PTC PCR 1: Taste test & Reactions
8  Mo Feb 24 Viruses. 07 Cell cycle.  
 Tu Feb 25   PTC PCR 2: Restriction digest
We Feb 26 Cell Cycle & Cancer Biology  
 Th Feb 27   PTC PCR 3: Gel
9  Mo Mar 2 Meiosis & Mendelian Genetics  
 Tu Mar 3   Phage 1: Infect.
 We Mar 4 Meiosis & Mendelian Genetics  
 Th Mar 5   Phage 2: PCR
10  Mo Mar 9 Midterm 3  
 Tu Mar 10   Phage 3: PCR gel
 We Mar 11 Cell Communication  
 Th Mar 12   TBA
11  Mo Mar 16 Class canceled.  
 Tu Mar 17   Class canceled.
 We Mar 18 Class canceled.  
 Th Mar 19   Lab Final
  Mo Mar 23    
 Tu Mar 24    
 We Mar 25 Lecture Final 11:30-1:30  
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